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Video trainings

Video trainings

Swimitation exercises are carried out in warm water, which compensates for gravity and releases joints. This ensures better blood circulation and works out more muscles. The water also massages and heals, releasing muscle tensions while bringing relief to joints. Water adds resistance and provides support too. Read more about how water exercises are being used in Aquatic Physical Therapy.

Workouts are created by experts in the field:

Kaisa Marran is a 2nd generation Pilates teacher who studied under Lolita San Miguel. She further studied the CoreAlign method under Jonathan Hoffman and Kelly McKinnon, and is a Corpus Studios Pilates teacher trainer program educator.

Monika Ausmees has more than 20 years of experience in physical therapy. Her current career involves treating children.

If you are a physical therapist or fitness instructor, you may offer special sessions with yourself present or develop individual sessions for your clients according to their needs and objectives.

5 unique private complete body workouts

Classical training 50 min or 30 minFor everyone regardless age or physical shape. Revive muscles and joints.
Water Aerobics52 minHappy and active. Burn calories easily and build endurance.
Aqua Shape53 minStrong get stronger! Intense resistance training.
Aqua Pilates: Basic Level (level 1)30 minPilates is a smart way to fitness – easy on body and very efficient.
Aqua Pilates: Beginners (level 2) 37 minPilates forms a beautiful body. Increase strength, improve flexibility.

Aqua Shape 50 minute session

Water Aerobics (sports recovery)

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