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Water and Body: Why It’s Useful to Workout in Water

When it comes to workouts done in water, the natural properties of this environment foster a conducive setting for both treatment and prevention of bodily disorders and conditions.

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Warm water therapy

Water has soothing properties that can heal the body by reducing overall stress levels and improving fitness levels and rehabilitation time frames. It is a safe alternative to land-based therapy and is suitable for children and adults of all ages and fitness levels.

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Aquatic Physical Therapy for Athletes

Aquatic physical therapy programs are being used for cross training by an increasing number of athletes because it can be as effective as traditional land-based training. It provides many benefits to athletes including improving or maintaining function, aerobic capacity and endurance, balance, coordination and agility, body mechanics, postural stabilization, flexibility, gait and locomotion, relaxation, muscle strength, and power.

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Benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy

Water possesses unique properties that allow it to be an effective therapeutic medium, often referred to as aquatic physical therapy. This form of therapy is useful not only for a variety of medical conditions and a number of different patients but also as a form of training for athletes.

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