Product/Service overview

It’s not just a bath, it’s a full service

Swimitation was created for the benefit of all ages; from adults in need for an exercise to toddlers learning how to swim, parents in need of active rest, and older people wanting to remain active. Swimitation meets the needs of those hoping for peace and clarity, as well as those with more demanding needs such as athletes undergoing recovery from injury.




Swimitation ensures immediate and long-lasting results through two aspects:

  • Training muscles that support body
  • Releasing muscle tension


Swimitation works by influencing the brain. Warm water (34º C) creates brain relaxation and a feeling of weightlessness. The Swimitation patented chair provides environment predictability and enhanced security.


Swimitation exercises are carried out in warm water, which compensates for gravity and releases joints. This ensures better blood circulation and works out more muscles. The water also massages and heals, releasing muscle tensions while bringing relief to joints. Water adds resistance and provides support too. Read more about how water exercises are being used in Aquatic Physical Therapy.

  • Swimitation Classic 50/30 minutes is designed to revive muscles and joints and is ideal for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.
  • Swimitation Aqua Shape is intense resistance training, ideal for those in good shape who want to get even stronger.
  • Swimitation Water Aerobics is for anyone who wants to be happy and active; burn calories easily while building endurance.
  • Swimitation Aqua Pilates Foundation Level (level 1) is a smart way to do fitness because it’s easy on the body, yet very effective.
  • Swimitation Aqua Pilates for Beginners (level 2) can help you form a more toned body, increase strength, and improve flexibility.

Comparison with swimming and floating

Water Massage
Water’s 3D resistance force
Wates’s gravity compensation
Predictability of water-environment
Different skills, age groups and disabilities
Good relaxation
Good fitness
Good fitness & relaxation

Great addition to your centre

Swimitation can be a great addition to the services offered in your facility’s current membership deal. Although there are no preset fees, you may want to consider using other professional services as a pricing guide as well. For example, a Swimitation session could be priced similarity to the cost of a massage in your area. If you are a physical therapist, you can offer aquatic physical therapy in Swimitation at the current local aquatic therapy rates. Because it is a private water session, it may very well work out to the price of a personal workout, even if instructions come from the videos. Finally, the price for a Swimitation session should be higher than, or comparable to, a floating session, warm water pool treatment or water treadmill session.

We recommend membership deals with a pre-determined number of sessions per month, paired with the opportunity to buy more sessions at a discount. We do not recommend any discounts without a membership deal.

Advantages compared to isolation tank

Swimitation enables supported floating (using our patented chair) and regular floating (using Flothetta cap and support) in fresh water. The advantages over an isolation tank are:

  • Improved body support with the Swimitation chair, which provides a more secure feeling and aids in relaxation.
  • Ergonomically-correct body posture, as opposed to denser portions of the body sinking deeper and causing muscle tension with isolation tanks.
  • Ability to float using a yoga mat or special devices like Flothetta.
  • No salt, which is essential for people with dry skin, as it can add to the problem, as well as for diabetics, as high levels of magnesium can stimulate insulin release.

Technical information

Length: 3,16 m (10 ft 4.4 in)
Width: 2,47 m (8 ft 1.2 in)
Height: 0,71 m (2 ft 3.6 in)
Weight: 150 kg (330.7 lb)

Desired water level: 23-33 cm (9-12 in)
Water consumption: appr. 1,0 m3 (35,3 ft3)
Modern glass fiber technology (weatherproof)
Environment friendly (see analyses)

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