Product/Service overview

Benefits for business

Benefits for business

Swimitation is not just a bath. Your business will get a full Operations Manual, which includes:

  • 5 full length whole body workout videos
  • Over 200 exercises;
  • Complete installation guide
  • Recommended water purification system scheme;
  • Recommendations on communicating with pool service company
  • Planning and design recommendations
  • Texts
  • Photos for your website and for presentation at location
  • Videos
  • How to choose training video for customer
  • Customer servicing instructions
  • User information posters
  • Designed sessions/services list (price list) – ‘Swimitation Menu’
  • Webinar Training and free consultation 1 year

Your clients will love Swimitation

Swimitation fits well into businesses, whether yours is geared toward fitness, wellness, relaxation, or physical recovery. You can now meet all those needs in one session.

Today’s businesses must not only care for what customers need but also what they want. Swimitation provides not only what customers need but also what they desire: joyfulness, efficiency, comfort, privacy, and novelty.

We will support you

Awareness of aquatic therapy or the benefits of water aerobics is growing with physical therapists day by day. The areas of concern are infrastructure, expertise, and investments.

Compared to aquatic therapy pools and water treadmills, Swimitation has the ideal design. Despite its ample space to move, Swimitation requires little water and can be installed in almost any room at a reasonable price. You can even install Swimitation outdoors!

Prior knowledge regarding aquatic therapy or aquatic fitness is helpful, but not required! Our videos will provide complete instructions to your clients. We will also provide you with the information you need to become a specialist in the area.

Our installation guide provides full support with videos on each step for your pool service company. In some areas, we have partner pool service companies who know Swimitation (ask us!).

Besides Swimitation, you will need a water purification system and maintenance from a pool service company. We will help train you and your pool servicer so that you quickly pick up pool technology principles and have the information you need. This means lower expenses on pool service and full confidence regarding water hygiene for your clients. See some of what you will be learning with us!

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