Product/Service overview

Service list

Service list

1. Swimitation fitness sessions

  • Swimitation Classic 50 minutes
  • Swimitation Classic 30 minutes
  • Swimitation Aqua Shape
  • Swimitation Water Aerobics
  • Swimitation Aqua Pilates Foundation Level (level 1)
  • Swimitation Aqua Pilates for Beginners (level 2)

2. Fresh water floating with Flothetta

3. Baby or Toddler Swimitation

4. Microsilk oxygen therapy

Swimitation can be a great addition to the services offered in your facility’s current membership deal. Although there are no preset fees, you may want to consider using other professional services as a pricing guide as well. For example, a Swimitation session could be priced similarity to the cost of a massage in your area. If you are a physical therapist, you can offer aquatic physical therapy in Swimitation at the current local aquatic therapy rates. Because it is a private water session, it may very well work out to the price of a personal workout, even if instructions come from the videos. Finally, the price for a Swimitation session should be higher than, or comparable to, a floating session, warm water pool treatment or water treadmill session.

We recommend membership deals with a pre-determined number of sessions per month, paired with the opportunity to buy more sessions at a discount. We do not recommend any discounts without a membership deal.

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