Swimitation for Fitness

Bring new clients and age groups to your fitness center

  • Offer low-cost private training
  • Suitable for pro athletes and everyday people
  • Over 200 excercises from physical therapists


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Swimitation opens the door to watersports for people who can’t or won’t swim in public pools, as well as those who are not interested in lifting weights in a gym or attending group workouts.


Swimitation sessions are for those who appreciate privacy, are looking for moderate physical activity, enjoy water or simply want to relax after a hard workday. A Swimitation session also releases tension and is suitable for those who prefer more intense sports.


Since movement is easy while lying down, Swimitation sessions are perfectly suitable for pregnant women and the elderly. Sessions alleviate back, hip and shoulder problems. Private sessions are becoming increasingly popular and existing members of sports clubs want to try new workouts.


The Swimitation bath is an extraordinary solution for sports clubs to increase their target groups and hold on to existing clients! Combining mindful activities with fitness sessions is an increasing trend, and we also combine private training and relaxation sessions with water therapy.

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Over 200 exercises from physical therapists for all kinds of goals.

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No need for a trainer

No need for a trainer

To remain competitive, sports clubs have to be able to offer multifaceted training and relaxation options. A training session doesn’t need a trainer; the client can complete the exercises alone, without a trainer present.

Swimitation sessions can be carried out in the presence of a personal trainer or a physical therapist if preferred as well.

minimum maintenance

Minimum maintenance

Aquatic therapy is not a common treatment; awareness needs to be raised. Infrastructure, expertise, and investments are the main obstacles faced by various forms of water therapy.

Swimitation design uses maximum corner radiuses and is smooth, while its ability to drain completely makes hygiene simple. It’s easy to clean and we’ll help you communicate proper care to your local pool service provider.

Opportunity for many

Many people avoid public pools for various reasons, be it fear of bacteria, lack of swimming skills, or social anxiety. Water in public pools is also too cold for people with any rheumatic symptoms, nor are most pools accessible and friendly to visually-impaired and hearing-impaired populations.

Swimitation is private and requires no swimming skills, while those who require assistance typically have minimal needs. The smooth design assures water hygiene and the water temperature is easily adjusted to the client’s needs and preferences.

Real results

Swimitation helps people recover from training and injury quickly. The recovery period between the trainings (also called the metabolic recovery) is crucial in the pursuit of intense physical training.

Active recovery is more efficient than passive recovery. Swimitation is ideal for active recovery; Athlete can train more when Swimitation recovers the body.

I have anxiety disorder which causes me physical pain and tense muscles. One of the therapies that I got was Swimitation and it does wonders! It relaxes my mind and that helps a lot with overall wellbeing.

The workout is very easy to follow and doesn’t put pressure on your joints. You can choose from a variety of different training sets so it’s always fun and new! Also after a Swimitation session I always feel like I had a nice abs workout, which is great! I recommend it to everyone!


In January 2018 I started to use Swimitation for metabolic recovery and overall physical development. Regularily I go once a week. Swimitation has made my body more elastic and my step longer. When I had a leg injury, I used Swimitation twice a week and the recovery was amazingly fast. Swimitation is life-changing for athletes and players! For overall wellness after trainings as well as for achieving the goals!

Jürgen KülmLong distance runner
Tarmo Prikk

For years I had been suffering of lower back pain, specifically in mornings. My friend recommended to try Swimitation. I did not have a lot of faith, but I decided to try. In the next morning something felt unusual. The back pain was gone! This happened a few years ago and the pain has been gone ever since.

Tarmo Prikk


Swimitation requires professional installation and operation. We’ll minimize your worries by sharing our experience and recommendations. As our client, you will have our full support during installation and will receive servicing recommendations plus have access to detailed information and photos via the website.

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Swimitation is a B2B or a B2B2C product and we welcome the opportunity to grow together. A Swimitation location can become a reseller and increase their revenue through sales.

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