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Swimitation is ideal for many unique situations.

Fitness Centers

Swimitation combines wellness with fitness, enables supported floating, and has several advantages over isolation tanks. Use Swimitation fitness sessions and fresh water floating in your service list to attract clients and make sure they stay.

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As a perfect training recovery aid and injury healing solution, Swimitation works well for athletes and serves as a fitness device anyone can use. See how Swimitation efficiently trains core muscles and how it brings new client groups to fitness centers, including pregnant women and people with disabilities.

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Wellness and Float Centers

Swimitation is an excellent option to offer those who traditionally use isolation tanks as well as those who would like to, but cannot for various medical reasons. Swimitation offers an additional benefit over isolation tanks as well– a fitness session.

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Physical Therapy and Medical Centers

From back pain to injury recovery, rheumatism, neurological diseases, autism, stress and depression, Swimitation is the most efficient aquatic physical therapy available. Read more– what water can do for your patients.

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Busy People! We know your schedule. We know you need a real solution to your back pain as well as overall physical and mental shape. Install Swimitation at home and get full control over your life!

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