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Can you handle more than operating one location of Swimitation?

Swimitation is dedicated to:
  • Automate Aquatic Physical Therapy so that more people can benefit from it;
  • raise awareness of aquatic therapy and all other kinds of water therapy;
  • developing the solutions for the areas of concern: infrastructure, investments, expertise.

If you are up for more than operating a health business location, you may want to consider becoming a Swimitation Reseller at your area. A reseller location requires minimum assets of approximately $125,000.

What we offer:
  • Novelty, Development and Passion;
  • 3 Sources of Revenue: service sales, B2B sales and B2C sales;
  • Support on operations, marketing and sales.
Find out if you could be Swimitation’s Ideal Reseller:
  • Do you have Experience or Passion for health or any kind of water therapy?
  • Do you have a lot of courage?
  • Do you work hard for your goals?
  • Do you have great communications skills?
  • Are you a Successful Executive?
  • Are you a Sales Pro?
  • Are you very creative?
  • Do you want to grow rapidly?
  • Do you have an understanding of marketing and branding?
If you answered some of those questions positive, these are the Easy Steps to find out if we are suitable for each-other:
  • Fill out the contact form below;
  • Receive an information package;
  • Introductory call and Swimitation Webinar;
  • Follow-Up communication;
  • Agree on Terms and Conditions;
  • Sign Reseller agreement;
  • Complete Construction;
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