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Aquatic Physical Therapy is among the most efficient rehabilitation methods.

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Aquatic therapy in a hydrotherapy tank (Hubbard Tank) is much more efficient than in a pool. Whereas a normal pool temperature is only 77-82° F (25-28° C), the water temperature in a hydrotherapy tank can easily be adjusted. Therapists use the so-called indifferent water temperature, 93° F (34°C), for thermal neutrality, or may use colder or warmer water depending on treatment objectives.


Swimitation’s advantages over other Hubbard Tanks:


  • The patented seat of Swimitation keeps the body still while exercising arms and legs;
  • Whole-body trunk support prevents muscle tension;
  • Fully-ergonomic seat and base;
  • The size and shape of Swimitation ensures full range of motion for limbs and full functionality for horizontal aquatic physical therapy;
  • Aquatic exercise can be safely offered for most patients without the presence of physical therapist
  • Swimitation is your business partner; we ensure full service design  and the future development of Swimitation services. We are currently developing an application for therapists to combine individual exercise sessions designed to meet the needs of each patient.
  • The smooth and trim design ensures water hygiene (no standing water) and is easy to maintain.


The most important difference is the support. In other hydrotherapy tanks, the body is not supported or is supported from the neck; the patient has to exercise sitting up or holding onto something.


The body misaligns during exercise, which means exercise can only be slow and extra effort must be put into keeping the body still to avoid injury and keep one’s head above water. This creates muscle tension and makes exercising inefficient and uncomfortable.


Swimitation supports the entire body; patients can exercise efficiently and freely. For physical therapy, the support of the body trunk is of great importance, as it provides a good environment for controlled movement and prevents muscle tension and joint stiffness, thus enabling movement and stretching in a more relaxed state.

Video Trainings

Over 200 excercises from physical therapists for all kind of goals.

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Aquatic physical therapy for children

Opportunity for many

People suffering from visual impairments can engage in water sports without special assistance. Water therapy is also prescribed to people suffering from autism. The Swimitation bath gives them the opportunity to partake in private water sports.

People with rheumatic disorders cannot go to public pools because the water temperature is too low for them. In a Swimitation bath, the water temperature can be easily raised, so individuals can enjoy pain-relieving warm water therapy and exercise.

minimum maintenance

Minimum maintenance

Aquatic therapy is not a common treatment; awareness needs to be raised. Infrastructure, expertise, and investments are the main obstacles faced by various forms of water therapy.

Swimitation design uses maximum corner radiuses and is smooth, while its ability to drain completely makes hygiene simple. It’s easy to clean and we’ll help you communicate proper care to your local pool service provider.

aquatic physical therapy

Automated service to support the physical therapy goals

Swimitation provides the ideal environment for efficient training of inner and stabilizing muscles, the muscles responsible for keeping up the skeleton, joints and strength muscles. Swimitation ensures symmetrical exercises are executed with equal strength.

The supported horizontal position and warm water eliminate muscle memory and tension, while the water adds natural resistance for more efficient training.


Aquatic Physical Therapy for Athletes

Aquatic physical therapy programs are being used for cross training by an increasing number of athletes because it can be as effective as traditional land-based training. It provides many benefits to athletes including improving or maintaining function, aerobic capacity and endurance, balance, coordination and agility, body mechanics, postural stabilization, flexibility, gait and locomotion, relaxation, muscle strength, and power.

I have anxiety disorder which causes me physical pain and tense muscles. One of the therapies that I got was Swimitation and it does wonders! It relaxes my mind and that helps a lot with overall wellbeing.

The workout is very easy to follow and doesn’t put pressure on your joints. You can choose from a variety of different training sets so it’s always fun and new! Also after a Swimitation session I always feel like I had a nice abs workout, which is great! I recommend it to everyone!


In January 2018 I started to use Swimitation for metabolic recovery and overall physical development. Regularily I go once a week. Swimitation has made my body more elastic and my step longer. When I had a leg injury, I used Swimitation twice a week and the recovery was amazingly fast. Swimitation is life-changing for athletes and players! For overall wellness after trainings as well as for achieving the goals!

Jürgen KülmLong distance runner
Tarmo Prikk

For years I had been suffering of lower back pain, specifically in mornings. My friend recommended to try Swimitation. I did not have a lot of faith, but I decided to try. In the next morning something felt unusual. The back pain was gone! This happened a few years ago and the pain has been gone ever since.

Tarmo Prikk


Swimitation requires professional installation and operation. We’ll minimize your worries by sharing our experience and recommendations. As our client, you will have our full support during installation and will receive servicing recommendations plus have access to detailed information and photos via the website.

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