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Gadgetify.com: "I wish I had a bath that would allow me to exercise in water and even meditate. Swimitation makes it available to everyone."

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Do you have an extremely challenging life, mentally or physically? Do you feel frustrated about exercising? Are you unable to include exercise in your life, even though you would like to? Do you feel exercising is too much of an emotional effort?




The fitness industry deals with motivation as an exercise excuse. You have probably seen fitness advertisements that say „no more excuses” or ‘get fit now!’. In reality however, people have real reasons (not excuses) that keep them from exercising: a career, children and family, friends, mental status or physical shape. Swimitation was originally created to overcome these challenges by providing an efficient and attractive training that could easily be installed at homes and workplaces.




During the testing period, more and more Swimitation’s testers who had back pain, shoulder, hip, elbow or knee pain other medical issues with joints or muscles claimed to have immediate relief.


What was first invented as a private fitness device for office people turned out to be a unique device for Aquatic Physiotherapy: a next generation Hubbard Tank.




Water gymnastics and aquatic physical therapy are extremely efficient – read more about why it is useful to work out in water and about the benefits of aquatic physical therapy.


Swimitation differs from regular pool exercising: it is private, the body trunk is supported and the water temperature is higher (34 C or 93 F) – adjustable. Read more about Swimitation’s benefits and the effects of warm water.


Pool exercising is good for slow twitch muscle training, however standing position and the unpredictable water environment make exact moves hard to execute. With the supported body, slow and exact moves are possible: Swimitation cuts the work of strength muscles, which enables efficient training of the core muscles. Training your core in Swimtiation feels amazingly effortless – the body does not need to fight gravity and the support for the body-trunk enhances the feeling of security. Therefore, the core can be trained effortlessly and efficiently.




Swimitation is a great tool for aquatic physiotherapy. Besides the perfect environment for exercises, a physiotherapist has a good visibility of the body for spotting weak muscles and asymmetry. The therapist stays dry! With the opportunity of safe full-body exercising in warm water, Swimitation has by now developed into a service that automates aquatic fitness and physiotherapy through videosessions.


Swimitation’s exercising videos vary from mild to strength workouts and Pilates.


Our mission is to provide relief to people in Rehabilitation and Prophylaxis: to the conditions from rheumatic illnesses to neurological conditions, from spinal problems to injury recovery, athlete recovery.


It is also Swimitation’s mission to promote health via Wellbeing and Fitness: to help people in general health issues, back pain issues, weight loss and relaxation.


In our vision, a great health will be provided to people with automated, prophylaxis and self-aid based, easy-to-access solutions.


The design of Swimitation gained design award – Public’s Favorite at BRUNO Desing Award

Heidi Rajamäe-Parik

Heidi Rajamäe-Parik

Founder and CEO

Heidi was constantly feeling mentally and physically drained due to her busy schedule and long hours. Working tirelessly in an office as a lawyer, she felt a lot of pressure on her eyes and back due to the unnatural position she took while sitting at a desk behind a computer all day. To relieve her stress, Heidi would seek solitude and silence, which she did not find in group training, the gym, or public pools. Still conscious of her physical well-being, she dreamed of a private training with closed eyes. That dream eventually created the spark which resulted in Swimitation, a private water routine that unites fitness and relaxation—perfect for office workers!


Aljona Säilev

Clinical specialist, PT, Spa consultant, International Trainer, SPA evaluator

Aljona is a physical therapist and a former rower. Water is her passion, and as such, she treats many of her patients with aquatic physical therapy. As a natural academic, Aljona keeps up with developments in physical therapy. You are welcome to contact Aljona if you’d like to have a professional discussion about aquatic physical therapy and how it works in different cases.

Vili Pogga

Villi Pogga

Designer and Enterpreneur

As the developer of the Aquator brand, Villi has been bringing innovation and quality to the international medical therapy baths industry for more than 20 years. Thanks to Villi’s knowledge and experience, Swimitation has high standards for functionality and ergonomics.

Andri Sinka

Andri Sinka


As a successful product engineer whose skills are known internationally, Andri has developed products from baths to salt chambers over several decades. He brings practical experience and creative ideas to the team. Every facet of Swimitation has been consulted with Andri and has received his personal seal of approval.

I have anxiety disorder which causes me physical pain and tense muscles. One of the therapies that I got was Swimitation and it does wonders! It relaxes my mind and that helps a lot with overall wellbeing.

The workout is very easy to follow and doesn’t put pressure on your joints. You can choose from a variety of different training sets so it’s always fun and new! Also after a Swimitation session I always feel like I had a nice abs workout, which is great! I recommend it to everyone!


In January 2018 I started to use Swimitation for metabolic recovery and overall physical development. Regularily I go once a week. Swimitation has made my body more elastic and my step longer. When I had a leg injury, I used Swimitation twice a week and the recovery was amazingly fast. Swimitation is life-changing for athletes and players! For overall wellness after trainings as well as for achieving the goals!

Jürgen KülmLong distance runner
Tarmo Prikk

For years I had been suffering of lower back pain, specifically in mornings. My friend recommended to try Swimitation. I did not have a lot of faith, but I decided to try. In the next morning something felt unusual. The back pain was gone! This happened a few years ago and the pain has been gone ever since.

Tarmo Prikk
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