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Benefits for users

Benefits for users

Swimitation training is a great way to stay aerobically fit. The training sessions can be carried out without effort by simply exercising while lying down in the water. Water makes the body weightless and eases movements, while also providing resistance (the resistance of water is 10 times that of air). No swimming skills are needed. The water helps alleviate muscle tension, while the exercises impact core areas.

With no need to fight gravity, the body activates core muscles and spinal discs are released from excessive stress. Since lying on your back allows you to exercise more easily and calmly the Swimitation session is great for pregnant women and those who suffer from chronic fatigue, depression or sleep disorders. It also offers relief for back, hip and shoulder joint problems, and circulation disorders.

Swimitation strengthens core muscles and places a low load on joints. People who have always viewed training as something that demands a lot of effort and sweat will enjoy getting a physical workout without even noticing it. You can watch the exercise video on the screen or you can exercise and relax the way you prefer and with the media you choose.

Aquatic Therapy Benefits for Users


Physical therapy corrects your body’s biomechanics. Swimitation helps to keep the results.

The effects of a Swimitation session:

  • Safe and effective training
  • Helps alleviates problems with your back, hips and shoulders
  • Enables deep relaxation
  • Better range of joint movement
  • Relaxes joints and muscles
  • Better sense of your body and balance
  • Relieves chronic fatigue, stress and burnout syndrome
  • Enhances capillary blood flow
  • Affects soft tissue
  • Suitable in case of circulatory disorders
  • Promotes heart, cardiovascular and lung health

To keep steady on the Swimitation seat, all symmetric exercises have to be carried out with equal force, which equalizes muscle tone. Exercising with Swimitation is thus a good way to fight spine curvature (scoliosis and kyphosis). Double movements in Swimitation help stretch the spine into correct alignment.

Swimitation is perfect for people with desk jobs. Shoulder tension and lower back pain caused by prolonged sitting are alleviated by the calm water environment, which also works to strengthen the areas too.

Additionally, water gymnastics is good for the heart, cardiovascular system and lungs; it boosts lymph function, metabolism, capillary circulation and kidney function. The hydrostatic pressure helps direct venous blood from the periphery towards the heart without increasing blood pressure since peripheral pressure in blood vessels decreases.

The water environment reduces the proportion of the sympathetic nervous system by helping smooth muscle tissue to relax, boosting blood flow to metabolic organs, strengthening the immune system and decreasing stress hormone levels since sensory nerves carry calming impulses from the skin to the deeper layers of the body. What makes this bath special is the opportunity to strengthen the muscle corset through relaxing activities.

Busy People

  • Get in Shape – many suffer from back pain, stress or other physical work-related physical problems. Swimitation trains the core muscles effortlessly and efficienly.
  • Two in one – many exclude exercise from their lives due to time constraints. Swimitation provides extra motivation with private spa-like training; a two-in-one solution—fitness and relaxation in one.
  • Build Creativity – creativity can save time and take you farther in your career. Swimitation can be used as mindfulness technique to attain good meditation and deep relaxation.

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  • Injury Recovery – get back on track quickly!
  • Training Recovery – recover fast, so you can train more.
  • Non-Specific training – athletes need the even stronger core muscles. Train those effortlessly!
  • Mind Power and Visualisation – use the full mind potential for maximum success!

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  • Circulation and Rehab – with one’s body in a horizontal position, supported in warm water, blood flow to the heart increases and circulation improves. The greater amount of blood in the heart trains the heart safely and is suitable for cardiovascular disease rehabilitation or general wellness. Additional benefits, such as reduced joint stiffness, muscle tension, and illness will also be seen.
  • Stress and Depression Relief – Increased blood flow activates the vagal nerve, also known as the relaxation nerve. Water exercising is therefore recommended in the treatment of stress or depression, which is necessary for sustainable and efficient therapy.
  • Relief from Skin Sensitivity – hydrotherapy is sometimes recommended by dermatologists to help patients cope with skin conditions.

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And everyone else

Including Pregnant Women, Babies, and Toddlers can use Swimitation for fun, with all the benefits of physical fitness and relaxation.

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