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Bath that enables private training
and deep relaxation

The Swimitation™ bath is a new approach to massage baths and hydrotherapy. The adjustable backrest and seat that follows the contours of the body are designed to keep the body in the best ergonomical position while exercising and relaxing. By planning to have a Swimitation home spa you have created the opportunity to exercise at home. The Swimitation bath is the perfect alternative to the jacuzzis at wellness centers and offers clients a new service with private training and deep relaxation.
Swimitation is perfect for relaxing after exercising; Swimitation exercises are enjoyable for everyone. It brings new clients to fitness clubs. Compared to other hydrotherapy baths the Swimitation creates the conditions for a more comfortable and effective rehabilitation.

„The Swimitation bath offers physical training that is easy and enjoyable.
Lying on your back protects the vertebral column from the wrong
kind of muscle tension by letting the exercises affect the areas they are supposed to.“

Monika Ausmees, physiotherapist

Open your mind! A bath is more than bathing, water therapy is pleasant, water sports is possible outside of swimming pools!

Swimitation™ bath is intended for relaxing as well as for exercising. The bath creates the opportunity of water fitness in privacy, supported deep relaxation, hydrotherapy and warm water therapy. These can be combined with other wellness procedures (e.g.  aromatherapy, chromotherapy, guided meditation). A whole fitness session can even be carried out with closed eyes! This new bath enables whole body movement without holding onto anything. The back-rest is adjustable and the incorporated saddle-like seat with its ergonomic curves allows free movement of limbs and – at the same time keeps the person still while exercising.

The effects of a Swimitation session:

  • Helps alleviates problems with your back, hips and shoulders
  • Enables deep relaxation
  • Better sense of your body and balance
  • Relieves chronic fatigue, stress and burnout syndrome
  • Enhances capillary blood flow
  • Affects soft tissue
  • Suitable in case of circulatory disorders
  • Promotes kidney health
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Promotes heart, cardiovascular and lung health

The training session sample video:

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Read our physitherapist Monika Ausmees article about the influences of the Swimitation session

Swimitation bath is designed for people of this century, where the constantly urbanizing world is facing major health challenges like stress, physical inactivity, increasing obesity and cardiovascular diseases, back pain, prolonged sitting, dry eyes syndrome etc. Almost all people have stress to some degree coming from noise, pollution, workload, family and economic problems etc. While there is the trend of ageing of the population, the health challenges have an increasing impact on the quality of life and well-being of people. The luxurious Swimitation bath is ideal for meeting those challenges and contradiction. Swimitation training session cares also for the mind: supported and safe floating enables deep relaxation.

Swimitation session. Carried out by either watching videos from a TV screen fastened to the ceiling, simply imitating swimming or under the guidance of a personal trainer or physical therapist.

Hydrotherapy. One of the oldest forms of water therapy that is effectively practiced in medicine today. Studies show that warm water alleviates muscle and joint complaints, including arthritis, rheumatism and lower back pain, and also decreases inflammation and swelling. Combined with a suitable diet and training schedule, water therapy can reduce body weight, stimulate urine production and cure fluid retention. A study conducted in the USA showed that patients who participated in warm water exercise programs 2-3 times per week reported 40% less pain and their physical functionality increased noticeably. In addition to less pain the training program gave them an excellent emotional charge, helped them fall asleep more easily and developed their muscles. Swimitation bath makes water gymnastics enjoyable and comfortable. Water therapy is also a great remedy for stress since it lowers cortisol levels.

Swimitation Fitness. The ergonomic seat of the swimitation bath follows the contours of your back and body and puts less stress on your joints. Lying on your back protects the vertebral column against harmful muscle tensions and overload by letting the exercises affect the areas they are supposed to. Special training and stretching exercises have been developed in collaboration with a physical therapist. Swimitation fulfills dreams because it enables private training sessions with calm music and relaxing sounds of the water. Since you can move more easily and calmly lying down the Swimitation training sessions are perfectly suitable for pregnant women and people with cardiovascular diseases.

Swimitation relaxation. In addition to physical activity the Swimitaton bath promotes alone time with yourself and your thoughts. In the Swimitation bath you can relax by floating in warm water. The water calms the nervous system, helps relax tense muscles and alleviates muscle pain. In moderately warm bath water (34-37°C) your pulse slows by approximately 6-10 beats per minute, the blood vessels dilate, blood pressure lowers and circulation improves. The bath offers supported floating which has advantages compared to the floating and relaxation in a floatation tank. The support for the body trunk/vertebral column provides the feeling of security, enabling deep relaxation which many people cannot achieve in a floatation tank.

Exercise at home and use the bath for relaxation and other wellness procedures!

For a home spa you don’t need anything else than the Swimitation bath that has considerable perks compared to mini pools –

  • Private training and deep relaxation without leaving your home;
  • At-home rehabilitation therapy and relief from the tensions of the day – even every day;
  • Suitable for everyone, from toddlers to the elderly;
  • Aesthetically pleasing design creates preconditions for a romantic spa procedure;
  • The bath is easy to install and the design fits all interiors.


The low water level of the bath keeps water expenses low and makes it suitable for taking a child with you in the bath. Since water expenses are low it becomes reasonable to train in tap water without adding any chemicals. In addition the bath will be easy to clean, it has significantly better water hygiene and the maintenance costs are cheap compared to different spa products and rehabilitation options. The modern fiberglass plastic technology is weather proof and makes it possible to install the bath in any climate, yard, winter garden or veranda.

Swimitation™ gives bathing, the oldest spa-experience, new functions – fitness and deep relaxation.

The Swimitation bath is a new trend in the contemporary world in which movement, meditation and finding inner healing power become increasingly more important. Mindful living, caring for the all-connected mind has been noted as an über trend of 2014 by the wellness industry.1  The new trend shows interweaving mindfulness techniques into spa and wellness activities.2

As a new and comfortable solution the Swimitation bath is an ideal alternative for the jacuzzis and mini pools in hotels, health centers and spas since it enables private training sessions and deep relaxation. The Swimitation session can be combined with

  • light and sound therapy solutions
  • aroma therapy solutions
  • water massage
  • oxygen hydrotherapy system


The chromotherapy bulbs and air jet system are already included.

1 http://www.spafinder.com/trends2014.htm
2 http://www.spafinder.com/trends/2014/your-mind-is-what-matters.htm

Swimitation session – private training that promotes physical activity and works as a real stress reliever.

To stay in the competitive market, sports clubs have to be able to offer multifaceted training and relaxation option. A training session doesn’t need a trainer; the client can complete the exercises alone, without a trainer present. However it is possible to carry out a Swimitation session in the presence of a personal trainer or a physical therapist – comfortable conditions for a private training session are present at all times.

Swimitation bath provides the possibility of water-sports to people who couldn’t or wouldn’t swim in public pools, or are not interested in lifting weights in a gym or attending group work-outs. The Swimitation session is for someone who appreciates privacy, is looking for moderate physical activity, enjoys the water or simply wants to relax after a hard workday. A Swimitation session also brings about a release of tension and is suitable for those who prefer more intense sports.

Since movement is easy while lying down, the Swimitation session is perfectly suitable for pregnant women and the elderly and it alleviates back, hip and shoulder problems. Private sessions are becoming increasingly popular and the existing members of sports clubs wish to try new workouts. The Swimitation bath is an extraordinary solution for sports clubs to increase its target group and hold on to existing clients! Combining mindful activities with fitness sessions is an increasing trend and we also combine private training and relaxation sessions with water therapy.

A motivation to train. Compared to other work-outs, a fitness session in the Swimitation bath is a thoroughly enjoyable experience; the training does not require any emotional effort. Combining the possibilities of wellness treatments (whirlpool system, aromatherapy etc.), the training session can be made even more enjoyable and desirable. This brings health to people and clients to fitness centers.

Water therapy and water gymnastics are considered the most effective therapies. Swimitation makes water therapy attractive and popular.

Swimitation bath has advantages compared other hydrotherapy baths:

  • the patented seat of the Swimitation™ bath keeps the body still while moving your arms and legs;
  • the support for the whole body trunk avoids muscle tensions;
  • the size and shape of the bath facilitates better range of motion for limbs;
  • hydrotherapy session can safely be offered without the presence of a physiotherapist as most of the customers are securely supported and there is the opportunity to produce special therapy exercises videos.
  • The bath has a smooth and trim design which makes it hygienic (no standing water) and easy to maintain.


The most important difference is the support. In other hydrotherapy baths the body is supported from the neck or the user has to do exercises either sitting up or holding onto something. The body misaligns during exercises, which means they have to be done slowly and the user has to put extra effort into keeping the body still – in order not to get hurt. This creates muscle tension and exercising becomes uncomfortable. The Swimitation bath supports the entire body trunk.

Monika Ausmees (physiotherapist, 20 years of experience) comments: “Water and the bath’s integrated deck chair support joints which makes exercising more efficient, avoids muscle tensions and relieves the burden on joints. Like any water sport, the water massage is beneficial among other, for the skin and nervous system. Countless muscles get the work-out.”

Opportunity for many. Swimitation bath gives a lot of people the opportunity of water therapy. People suffering from visual impairance can go in for water sports without special assistance. Water therapy is prescribed to people suffering from autism and Swimitation bath gives them the appreciated opportunity of private water sports. People with rheumatism cannot go to public pools, because the water temperature is too low for them. In Swimitation bath there is the opportunity to easily raise water temperature and to enjoy pain relieving warm water therapy as well as the exercises in water recommendable in cases of rheumatism. Let us name one more: in case of cardiovascular diseases swimming is contraindicated (because of the intensity of swimming). Swimitation exercises enable rest at any time, slow movements (one does not have to “move enough“ to keep on surface).

The Bath


Marko Kantaneva

Physiotherapist, personal trainer

Marko is a professional coach, a non-fiction writer, and he is internationally known as the key developer of Nordic Walking. He developed our first Swimitation exercises. He is convinced Swimitation™ bath’s benefits to health.

Bruno design award

The design of the bath has gained the first design award – Public’s Favorite at BRUNO Desing Award 2014.

Elena Kantaneva


Meditation combined with liberating childhood movements like snow-angel (sand-angel) make you so relaxed that you “just cannot believe it”, says the team’s psychologist Elena Kantaneva, who has been practising swimming imitation for months. Elena is a business consultant, psychologist Gestalt approach, works with companies, groups and individuals. Relaxation and exercising take big part in her work. She found fascinating the idea of Swimitation for relaxation purposes. She is very sensitive to society's health issues. Elena is the only person in world (for now) who has been practising Swimitation on our prototype chair.

Monika Ausmees

Physiotherapist, 19 years of experience

Well functioning shoulder and hip joints are essential, Swimitation™ supports those joints. Swimitation™ board supports trunk and back to avoid muscle tensions. In the process of leg movement thigh adductors and buttock muscles are working. While moving hands away from the trunk, delta muscles and rhomb muscles are working in shoulder region. To bring hands back to the starting position, big chest muscles, back muscles and all muscles in shoulder area are involved. Moving shoulder region muscles helps to relieve tension that people unintentionally gather with stress.

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